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Welcome to Crystalline Soul Healing. I Am Jamye. Energy healing and channeling has been a magnificent and expansive journey. It has brought me a connection with Source, a connection with myself and a renewed perspective on life. These years have spun unending webs to navigate and I feel truly blessed to share the discovery with you for your empowerment and Soul Progression.

(Overly) Simply stated energy healing involves balancing the vibratory discord within your auric field. This process can eliminate physical, emotional and situational issues from your life by rooting out the initial cause rather than band-aiding symptoms. The unfoldment is always unique and transpires perfectly for each individual. Energy healing is about bringing the perfection of you into balance. By connecting with Source I act as a catalyst and witness for your transformation. This is an exciting and fun process. It is not necessary to reach into the depths of struggle, shifting is gentle and profound. However, nor is energy healing a magic fix that will take away every negative experience in your life. You are still a sovereign being with free choice and a soul path that may sometimes have the experience of standing up to someone or loving someone that isn't so easy to love. Sometimes healing is immediate - sometimes it comes in layers, yet it always transpires.

Why energy healing? What should I expect? Can energy healing help me? YES! If you are willing to heal, energy healing can help you:

Throughout this site you will find everything from an introduction to energy healing to the esoteric, quantum science, Light Language and channeled subject matter. Take what resonates with you and keep an open mind about the rest. If you don't agree, solidify your own Truth and live it with joy. That takes more courage and discernment than we often realize, and living your own empowered Truth and Joy is the goal.

This journey is yours, enjoy it.

Love your life

Forgive easily

Bless your lessons

Stand for your Truth

Embrace your Light

Share it often

Joy is your birthright and your choice. If you taste a few tears along the way, well, salt adds flavor to life.

Be the powerful, abundant, joyful, creative, magnificent, Divine Being you are.